About this site

What is this website supposed to be?
Probably every ABBA fan who uses a computer feels the desire to put a picture of their favourite musicians on their desktop. A desktop wallpaper is a "manipulated" picture in appropriate desktop size.

A desktop

However, a wallpaper is so much more than that. For the viewers it is fun to look at beautiful pictures of their favourite artist. For the artists it is a declaration of love and admiration to their idols (ABBA in our case). It is a way to be creative and to share the love with others. Or to put it in one phrase: it is just fun! Looking at other artist's works can also be inspiring for artists.
I [the webmaster] started to create wallpapers in 2002. I made wallpapers of my favourite TV show by that time, Charmed. When my love for ABBA started growing in 2003 I also made ABBA wallpapers. Meanwhile I have created many wallpapers for other celebrities, but most wallpapers in my "collection" are dedicated to my biggest love, ABBA. During the last years I lost a bit of interest in making new wallpapers (but of course I didn't lose interest in ABBA :-)).
In 2008 I found some interesting topics about ABBA artwork, to which wallpapers belong, in a forum. I posted my work there and was delighted to find that I inspired other people through my work. There are so many creative and talented people in the ABBA fandom world!
I saw it as my duty as computer scientist to give those people a platform and create a general collection of ABBA wallpapers. A page like this which focuses only on ABBA wallpapers didn't exist by that time. There are millions of ABBA websites on the internet and many of them contain wallpapers, but the idea of having a page which focuses only on the ABBA wallpapers is something completely new. It shall give everyone the possibility to expose their art and to inspire and be inspired. There's also a second reason why I created this website, it's a nice project for me in which I can improve my knowledge of PHP, MySQL and CSS and be creative too. (At least I think that programming a website of this size needs some creativity).

Is this an official ABBA website?
This website is an unofficial fanpage. The wallpapers on this homepage were created by fans who want to express their love to ABBA. Learn more about the authors.

I have created some ABBA wallpapers myself, can I expose them here?
Of course! We are always delighted to expose some new items! It doesn't matter how good your wallpapers are, the only important thing is that they are about ABBA ;-). If you want to expose your wallpapers here, get in touch with us.
Note: we only accept wallpapers that are really self-made. Only send us wallpapers that you have created yourself and not such you have found somewhere on the Internet! If we find out that the wallpaper you have posted is not yours, the wallpaper and your profile will be deleted! Be careful because the wallpapers might also be copyrighted.

I have an own ABBA homepage where I put my wallpapers, so I don't need to expose them here!
You can expose them both here and on your personal website. We don't mind if you write the address of your homepage down on the wallpapers. It could only have positive effects: maybe more people visit your homepage!

What does that mean then?
You are allowed to...

  • ...save the wallpapers on your computer
  • ...use them for your private means, like printing them and using them as your desktop wallpaper
  • ...share them with your friends (E-Mail, etc.), as long as you don't manipulate them
  • ...upload them on a server to share them in a forum, as long as you don't manipulate them

You are not allowed to...

  • ...post them on your ABBA website
  • ...manipulate them, like for example removing the "created by" or the URL on the images
  • ...expose them in public (for example in a forum) and assert that you have made them

This applies also to cutting out pieces of the wallpaper! The author will always recognize his work so if you post the pictures on the internet in a manner which we don't countenance, the chances of getting caught are very high. Wallpapers are pieces of art and it often takes a lot of time and work to create one. It's not fair if you steal them or sell them as your own work. If you do something listed above, you are commiting copyright violation.
Note: if you want to put a wallpaper on your homepage or use pieces of it in any other way, we are sure that we'll be able to reach an agreement. It is just important that you ask us first!

I want to make some wallpapers myself, but I don't know how to do it...
There are many programs which you can use for creating wallpapers. Maybe you have already installed some of them on your computer! We can't give a general recipe on how to create a wallpaper. You can use any programme you like, it's just important that you know how to handle it. If you don't have one yet, look for free graphic programs on the internet. You will find many, such as The GIMP. If you don't know how the handle the programme you want to use, read through the help, look for tutorials on the internet or try learning-by-doing. For further questions you can always ask us. :-)

Here you'll find everything you want to know about us!