The ABBA door

My door

I [the webmaster] have published pictures of my door on my former homepage. Many people were fascinated by it so I decided to put it on this page aswell, as it is very ABBA-related ;-)


How did you conceive the idea of decorating your door in that way?
It already looked very old and dowdy, so I wanted to beautify it a bit. So I started to put some pictures of my favourite actors and musicians on it. Of course, ABBA was there from the very first moment. When the door was completely full of pictures, I felt it looked inharmonic, so I decided to decorate it exclusively with pictures of ABBA.

How long did it take you?
I started with the first pictures in August of 2004. Since April of 2005 the door looks like on the picture.

So it was a lot of work!
Yeah sure, but I definitly enjoyed it yes.

Where did you get all those pictures from?
I saved them from the internet and printed them myself.

How many cartridges and how much paper did you need?
Maybe this is hard to believe, but it wasn't even much! I have printed all the pictures in worst quality. That was a great decision because you really don't see any difference! Also, I used very bad or old paper, sometimes with one side already written on.

How did you fix the pictures?
Most of them with poster adhesion, few with simple adhesive tape (on the backside).

Don't the pictures fall off?
Unfortunately, sometimes yes. Luckily this happens only very seldom.

How many pictures are on your door?
Definitly more than 400, approximately 450. I have never counted them to be honest!

Will you give me your door? (Honestly, somebody really asked me that!!!)

Watch picture in original size (VERY BIG!!!)